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Briefing of Key Laboratory for Green Chemical Process of Ministry of Education

Key Laboratory for Green Chemical Process of Ministry of Education, based in Wuhan Institute of Technology, was approved on 14th August, 2007. There are one Director and three Deputy Directors for this lab. Currently, the Director of Lab is Prof. Wu Yuan-xin. Deputy Directors are “ChuTian Scholar Distinguished Professor” Chi Ru-an, Prof. Ding Yi-gang, Prof. Wang Sheng-gao. There is an Academic Committee of MOE Key Laboratory, and the chairman of the committee is CNERI Academician, Prof. Jin Yong from Tsinghua University.

This key lab covers 8 Hubei Provincial Key subjects, i.e., Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Bio-chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Industrial Catalysis, Polymer Physics and Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, and one pilot test base for fine chemicals. In 1994, “Chemical Engineering” subject was approved as the first batch of Key Subject of Ternary Education in Hubei, and in 2004, “Chemical Technology” subject was awarded as “Hubei Provincial Great Achievements Innovative Subject” by Hubei Governmental Degree Committee and Hubei Education Bureau. In 2006, the first-level subject “Chemical Engineering and Technology” was approved as Hubei Key Subject. There are Master’s degree award right for first-level subject “Chemical Engineering and Technology”, and second level subjects of “Inorganic Chemistry”, “Polymer Physics and Chemistry”, and “Environmental Engineering”. The first-level subject “Chemical Engineering and Technology”, “Chemical Engineering” and “Chemical Technology” are Doctor’s degree award construction unit.

In this lab, there are 28 professors, 15 associate professors, of whom there are 12 PhD candidate supervisors, 38 Ph.D. degree holders, and 18 returned overseas scholars. In the subjects of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Bio-chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Industrial Catalysis, and Polymer Physics and Chemistry, there are “ChuTian Scholar” Distinguished Professor positions. Currently, there are 1 national-level candidate of “New-century Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand” tenants program, 1 candidate for 2007 CNERI Academician, 1 receiver of “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, 2 receivers of “Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University”, 5 “ChuTian Scholar” Distinguished Professors, 1 Hubei Teaching Master, 2 receivers of “Hubei Natural Science Foundation Excellent Youths”, 18 experts with State Department or Hubei Provincial allowance.

In the present, there are two Subject Innovative Groups “Chemical Technology” and “Chemical Engineering”, the chief professors for these groups are Prof Wu Yuan-xin and Wang Cun-wen, respectively. In the research team, there are experts in reaction engineering, separation engineering, oil finery, ore processing, bio-chemical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, medical preparation, chemical synthesis, process simulation, industrial catalysis areas, but also experts in polymer material, environmental protection fields, making this team a full of viridity and vigor.

The total area for the key lab is over 5000 square meters, including 2000 square meters for pilot test base. The total value of instruments and equipment is 56 million yuan RMB, including 8 million yuan facilities for pilot test base. There are total 20 industrial and engineering devices for this subject and 18 large-scale analytical and testing instruments.

The main research topics of the key lab include chemical reactors and process strengthening technology, petroleum refinery and product processing, resource comprehensive utilization, fine chemical products and green synthesis technology, medical synthesis and preparation, biomass conversion to bio-energy, design and use of catalysts, plasma technology and application, biological medical-use polymer materials, wastewater treatment. The staff of the key lab are in charge of 1 National “the 10th Five Year Program”, 3 National “the 11th Five Year Program” Technological Supporting Projects, 2 863 Program Projects, 23 National Natural Science Foundation Projects, 2 Major Technological Projects of Hubei Province, 20 Hubei Natural Science Foundation Projects, and 30 other projects of provincial or ministry level. The average research fund is over 40 million yuan RMB per year.

The main scientific achievements of the key lab includes 1 2nd Prize of National Technical Innovation Award, 2 Natural Science Award of Hubei Province, 1 Technical Innovation Award of Hubei Province, 9 Technical Progress Award of Hubei Province; more than 20 patents accredited; 12 books published and 1700 technical papers published, of which 315 papers were cited by SCI, EI or ISTP. In 2007, an English book “Impinging Streams Fundamentals: Properties and Applications” was published by world famous publisher, Elsevier. One paper published in Green Chemistry entitled “Dissolution of cellulose with ionic liquids and its application: a mini-review” attracted world-wide attentions, and was reviewed by “Chemical Technology” of Royal Chemical Society.

The key lab is also the teaching base for postgraduate students. There are more 200 mater students and PhD students graduated from this lab. Currently, some PhD candidates are jointly supervised by Tianjing University, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Huadong University of Science and Technology, Zhongnan University, China Petroleum University, China Petroleum Research Institute, Chinese Academic Institute of Plasma Physics and our lab.

The motto of the key lab is “Open, Transfer, Collaboration and Competition”. In order to encourage excellent researchers from overseas and domestics working within the lab, open grant of Key Laboratory for Green Chemical Process of Ministry of Education, China, was established. The lab also welcomes the donations, research funds and postgraduate scholarships from domestic and oversea enterprises or persons in various forms.

In order to further enhance the innovative capacity, the key lab will attract more and more talents to work in the lab. We will follow the idea of “keep the features and advantages, aim the scientific front-edge, focus on the fundamental study, carry out the technical innovation, and realize the industrial application”, choose the research topics, optimize the research team, and make the collaboration and cooperation, in order to solve the chemical industrial problems for new theories, new products and new technologies, and make great progress in the continual development.

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